Retreats and Holistic Therapies

Personal Rest, Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Refuge Retreats @ Heaven House

retreats-imageWelcome to your personal journey into Living Your Dreams. Finally, a place that you can go to rest, release, rejuvenate and re-create your own reality.  Experience a weekend of personal reflection, healing and transformation with Ivy, a Visionary destined to serve humanity towards seeking soul purpose, inner peace and healing.  I am dedicated to creating “Heaven on Earth Experiences for All of Humanity”.

“Creating Heaven on Earth Experiences for all of Humanity” Ivy

Private Refuge Retreat

privaterefugeThere comes a time when you just need to get away and find peace and quite for yourself. The Healing Temple of Light Sanctuary offers that opportunity to come and rest for a while. Come to the Heaven House Retreat and customize your healing experience for whatever you desire.  Send a detailed email explaining what you need and why, and we will do the rest.  The Healing Temple of Light Sanctuary is dedicated to assisting all to rediscover compassion and healing from the heart, Creating Heaven on Earth Experiences for all of humanity!    


(Prices vary based on your needs)

Rest, Relax, Detox and Cleanse Weekend Retreat

(All Inclusive)

This is a three – day and two – night weekend experience for the seeker that has embarked on or who is ready to explore the path to optimal health and living a Spiritual Life of Enlightenment.  Seekers ready to become more conscious and responsible for their personal wellness and optimal health. Journey into Serenity Living and Mastering the Art of Being will help you to find satisfaction with your life journey. Spend the weekend in the mountains of Berkeley Springs, WV. Relaxing, sleeping and enjoying fresh mineral spring water, hot castor oil detox packs, hot mineral Epsom salt baths, soothing away stress and tension with aromatherapy. Come to Heaven House and rest, relax, renew, regenerate and recondition the mind for emotional, physical and spiritual balance.  Healthy Organic meals, Green Juicing, BreathWork™, Sound Vibronics Meditation, Cell Rejuvenation, Wellness living workshops. $500.00

Private healing sessions also available. Upon request

Journey to the Higher Self-Weekend Retreat- (All Inclusive)

journeyA three-day two-night personal development experience at the Heaven House Retreat. Discover the world where your mind can change your body, empower your life and create the inner peace that you have been seeking and desire to keep. By learning to align the energy of your physical body with the energy of the Universe, (what Rev. Ivy likes to call the “Cosmotic Love Vibration”); you can access your eternal source of higher intelligence. This Divine intelligence is your “Higher Self”.  The Higher Self is the you that resides inside of you that is forever present and in your conscious and subconscious knowing at all times. The source of divine wisdom that leads you to pure joy and satisfaction in life. Deepen your meditation~ enjoy moments of serene silence experience spiritual healing. Fulfill your spiritual needs of love, compassion, meaningfulness, total acceptance, devotion and most of all creating your Heaven on Earth Inner Peace.   Learning to balance the material world, the psychological self and the seven spiritual levels of your being, you will fully experience your “Higher Self”.  You will be become a peaceful, unified, harmonious and whole being. 

  • Deepen your meditation practice
  • Receive Spiritual Direction
  • Tune into healing vibrations of MIND/BODY/SPIRIT
  • Ready to make a real change in your spiritual life
  • Seeking clarity and stronger relationship with GOD