Sacred Moments World Healing Tour

A Three Day Experience of Healing, Meditation and Music
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Go Deeper...Deeper, Deeper into Relax with Rev. Ivy

Day 1
Attend the Sound Vibronics Lecture & Healing Service
7 PM
(Free to the Public)  
A lecture on the transformational healing power of sound and vibration, accompanied by a series of experiential vibrational healing meditations.  An in-depth experience of the sacred use of sound, chanting and voice for healing.  Deepen your meditation practice with the Sensorium Sound Meditation and the powerful quartz crystal singing bowls and energy chimes.  
Become a member of the Angelic Choir and Chime Ensemble for the evening. 

Day II
Attend the Journey into Inner Peace Workshop & Book Signing
Relaxation & Meditation Healing Rituals
Purchase the book entitled Journey into Inner Peace by Ivy Hylton and receive a free copy of the Serenity CD
Take charge of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Learn how to relax, meditate and more….. 
Experience Serenity and Inner peace.  

Schedule a Private Healing Session with Ivy
The Sensorium Sound Healing Ritual
Is a spiritual rejuvenation  therapeutic experience.  You will feel how sound and vibration releases stress, balances the nervous system, increases creativity and harmonizes the chakra system.  This is a vibrational intuitive spiritual healing session.  Receive an Angelic tuning and reading.

Sacred Moments   Vibrations Concert
This concert is a fund raising activity for your organization, family or even yourself
Meditation and Music 
The sacred performance artist, “Shadiah” showcases her unique angelic soprano voice and her musical philosophy that sound has a healing cleansing and restorative effect.
Ivy “SHADIAH  Hylton

A Divine Gift of Vocal Healing Energy”
     Rev. Sylvia Sumter-Unity of Washington DC

A Symphonic Vocal Anointing Experience
That you do not want to miss!
Singing from her famed CD’s  & vibrational meditations for healing the heart, inspiring love and compassion.  Join us for an intimate ethereal evening of soul stirring sounds from the spellbinding voice of “Shadiah” — “A  distinct voice of angelic healing qualites” Iyanla Vanzant.
Blending Nubian Age, Sacred, World & Classical elements into a body of penetrating sound waves, chants and angelic messages, destined to creating Heaven on Earth.  Nubian Age Classical Jazz
Come and be blessed by her Vocal  and “Rose of Sharon” anointing experience.  Come , witness  and feel the pouring of  high energy  into the universe.
Creating “Cosmotic Love Vibrations” for healing the heart, mind, and spirit, tuning into  frequencies that usher peace into the world.