Living a Mindful Life with Rev. Ivy

achieve-balanceThe creative force behind Serenity Healing Arts is Dr. Ivy “Shadiah” Hylton. Ivy is a Life Integration Therapist, and Conscious Creation Life Coach, whose passion is to empower all of humanity to live a life of less stress, more purpose, joy, harmony, abundance and overall satisfaction.  She welcomes you into her world of MINDFULNESS, Inner Peace and Emotional Balance, a sacred place for Self Empowerment, Spiritual Enlightenment and Functional Wellness.

Serenity Healing Arts is dedicated to exploring the natural essence of healing and personal transformation in life through holistic wellness modalities, Mindfulness Practices and Vibrational Healing.  Offering classes, services, workshops, retreats and products designed to encourage Mind- Body – Spirit harmony and balance.  Serenity Healing Arts is focused on creating sacred space for healing and using relaxation, meditation, sound vibrational therapy and prayer as the major approach to personal transformation, discovering soul purpose in life and understanding the Power of the Mind as the gateway to the kingdom of HEAVEN. 

We understand that all causation in the world is mental, and that all of our affairs of mind and body; jobs, businesses, home life, relationships, health and all of life experiences are manifestations of our own mental states of awareness and consciousness.   Our Thoughts create our life experiences. 
Take a look at our signature services, the personal healing sessions at the top left, and begin your Journey today. 

Practice The Art of  Mindful Living and Master the Art of Being.

Today Inner Peace is waiting for you to open your heart and allow Serenity to penetrate your mind, body and spirit. 

When you enter the Journey into Inner Peace………Life Begins.

Stay in the Light of love,

May God Bless You With Inner  Peace and Emotional  Balance.     Dr. Ivy 

We Invite You To Enjoy A Relaxing, Rejuvenating Retreat at
Heaven House in Berkeley Springs West Virginia
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